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BOKOMARU is a band from Montreal that plays the music of the Grateful Dead. Bokomaru is not simply a "clone band" because its members bring their own interpretations to the Dead songs they perform. At the same time, the peculiar sound and feel of the Grateful Dead is not lost as Bokomaru retains the "spirit" of spontaneity and improvisation inherent in the Dead's music. The band has been performing since 1986 and it is the only band of its kind in Quebec. So far, Bokomaru plays a repertoire of more than 70 Dead songs and it has a loyal following of fans.




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The Band

Dave Lines Keyboards
Mitch Goldberg Bass Guitar
Melvin Backstrom Lead Guitar & Vocals
Jamie Miller Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Mike Weinberger Drums & Vocals


Past members have included:
Norman Marino Lead Guitar & Vocals
James Newhouse Keyboards
Zayd Abdul Al-Khabyyr Keyboards & Vocals
Mike Marino Bass Guitar
Paul Harwood Bass & Vocals
Dave Kleiman Drums & Vocals
Andy Morris Bass & Vocals
Rob Varkony Lead Guitar & Vocals
Biff Blond Drums
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You can view some photos shot by our friend Vlada on March 25th, 2000 or, some other photos , or listen to these   Real Audio Clips recorded Nov. 1st, 1997, And MP3s recorded Halloween 1998 and June 2000.


Coming Attractions:

Bokomaru at The Wheel Club - January 11, 2020

January 11th, 2020


Bokomaru - In the Spirit of the Grateful Dead



The Wheel Club

3373 Cavendish Montreal H4B 2L7 



Contacting Bokomaru
Call Jamie at: (514) 809-9977

Visit us on Facebook


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November 25, 2019
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