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These songs were recorded (by our friend Vlada) November 1st 1997, our 12th Annual Halloween Bash at Clyde's in Pointe Claire, Quebec. You'll need RealPlayer 5.0 in order to listen.

28.8k Me and My Uncle 56k ISDN

Miracle -> Bertha

56k ISDN

Scarlet -> Fire*

56k ISDN
*Fire on the Mountain was cut a bit short due to an areawide power failure.

These MP3s were recorded October 31st 1998, at our 13th Annual Halloween Bash.

Uncle Johns Band --> Terrapin (20.7Mb)

Greatest Story Ever Told


These  MP3s were recorded on June 23rd, 2000 at Club Soda. Watchtower and Big Boss Man feature a guest appearance by Frank Marino.

All Along The Watchtower (6.9Mb)

Big Boss Man




This MP3 was recorded on November 5, 2004 at Club One. Our 19th annual Halloween Bash.

Let it Grow (5.5Mb)

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